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Referrals – Men

We work with single homeless people who are un-employed, ex-offenders and those with a history of drug and/or alcohol addiction.

Our aim is to break the vicious cycle of ‘No home, no job’’. This is achieved by providing accommodation and one to one support. We encourage our residents to increase their employability skills by providing:

  • Short term accommodation

  • Training and volunteering opportunities

  • Support to gain employment & pathways to more permanent accommodation

  • Support in rebuilding their self-confidence and life skills.


We support clients to move on from traumatic past experiences to a much better and brighter future.

We accept referrals from Local Authorities, Advice Centres, Probation Offices, and Religious Organisations. Self-referrals for men’s accommodation will also be considered.  

We will always take steps to check the authenticity of any referrals received.

Our criteria for accepting clients for the Men's Projects:

We accept single homeless men:

  • Aged 18-59 who are actively seeking work.

  • UC/JSA claimants who are British citizens and those who have a right to reside in this country.

  • EU Nationals with a right to reside and can claim long term UC/JSA and HB.

  • Willing to comply with projects aims, ethos and conditions of residence.


We do not accept

  • Clients who have an active or recent substance or alcohol addiction.

  • Ex-offenders who have been convicted of arson, violence, sex offences or property convictions. 

  • People who are long term ESA or PIP claimants.

We do accept applications from some ex-offenders, but any offer will be subject to our risk assessment.

Accommodation Provision


Single room in a hostel setting with shared facilities. A cooked evening meal, facilities for making a packed lunch and a self-service breakfast with cereal, bread etc. are provided free of charge to every resident. There are shared use kitchens with facilities to re-heat and make snacks, however, it should be noted that residents are not allowed to cook a full meal for themselves. There are free laundry facilities available. A free Wifi facility is also available at all our premises.


We provide one-to-one and group support to help residents to find work and develop the skills needed to move into independent living.


We also work with partner organisations to ensure that more specialist support is provided, including counselling, health care services and improving life skills.

Please read our Conditions of Residence for further details.


Click here for the application form – Men’s project only.


You may also call us for further queries on 020 7473 5286 or 020 8519 1454.

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